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Fewer therapy office visits: (Click to expand)

Sidelying“Traditional” physical therapy usually involves 2-3 visits per week over a 2-3 month period. Our patients rarely come in more than once a week, usually less often than that. We average 6-8 visits over a 3-6 month period. Our treatment approach is to encourage and train each client to fully participate in his or her own course of treatment. As you become more adept at implementing your program at home, additional office visits are scheduled at increasing intervals to advance/modify the program and to monitor progress. We do not use aides or assistants to deliver care.


More individual attention: (Click to expand)

Biofeedback InstructionEach patient’s scheduled appointment time is exclusively their own. During your session, you will have your treating therapist’s exclusive attention. The therapists often collaborate with each other during a client’s treatment session, so that you get the benefit of their varied experience and viewpoints during the problem-solving process.

We do not use unattended electrotherapeutic (stimulation) or thermal (heat/cold) treatment modalities. We dedicate our time with each client to direct treatment and education, and to coordination of care among healthcare providers.



Complete privacy: (Click to expand)

Sacral MobilizationEach client is treated in the complete privacy of an enclosed treatment room. There are no communal gyms or treatment booths. You are under the direct supervision of your treating therapist for the entire session, so that both you and she are confident that you are performing your exercises and self-treatment techniques correctly.






An integrated approach: (Click to expand)

We do not restrict our care to a single system. We look at the complex interaction of related body systems and develop a plan of care that targets the source of your symptoms. This limits recurrence and promotes return to full participation in all of your life pursuits.

Health, Prevention, and Wellness Care: (Click to expand)

Yogi Toe LockOur practice is dedicated to promoting well-being throughout each phase of life. We do not limit our practice to treating pathologies and medical conditions. We advise our clients in appropriate strategies to preserve optimal functional performance across their lifespan. Click here to visit our Pelvicology Wellness page.








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