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Intensive Intervention: (Click to expand)

Skype SessionClients who do not live locally generally visit for 3-5 days. After your initial evaluation you are treated on successive days, often for extended-time sessions (e.g. 2-hour appointments). The length of your stay can be determined via email or telephone discussion with our clinicians to assess your needs. Clients often schedule these appointments to coincide with other specialists’ consultations in this geographic area. We do our best to accommodate your schedule, and to collaborate with other consulting healthcare providers during your stay, as well as upon your return home.

This differs from our Immersion Treatment format, in the following ways:

  • All scheduled sessions are individual treatment sessions. Immersion treatment includes
    group training sessions in a variety of topics.
  • Daily scheduling is individualized to accommodate the client’s needs (i.e.
    number of hours of scheduled treatment/day, timing of appointments each day)
  • Immersion Treatment is limited to specific calendar weeks each year.

Prior to your visit, we can also recommend local physicians or therapists that are familiar with pelvic pain and dysfunction including urologists, gynecologists, uro-gynecologists, colo-rectal specialists, physiatrists, yoga or movement therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, sex therapists, and massage therapists. We will do our best to accommodate clients, in terms of scheduling and collaborating with other local providers, while they are staying locally for treatment. We continue to collaborate with your treating providers upon your return home.

Our office will also be happy to assist you with information regarding travel and accommodation. There are discounts available at local hotels convenient to the office. When making your reservation, let them know you are our patient and ask for patient discounted rate.

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Immersion Treatment (Click to Expand)

Child's Pose - AssistedWe offer five day intensive group clinics to equip you with all the tools and techniques you need to become your own best therapist. Participants attend full-day programming including group instruction on relevant topics and direct individual treatment daily. (Click to visit our Immersion page)

Our pelvic wellness immersions are designed to offer an integrated approach to pelvic health and wellness. Through the immersion format, we offer not only hands-on, one-on-one physical therapy, but also relaxation training, stress reduction, stretching, exercise, breathing, cognitive-behavioral intervention, physiological quieting techniques, postural and healthy-lifestyle workshops. Highly trained wellness specialists lead group and individual therapy sessions providing clinic participants with valuable training, information and resources. This approach assists clients in achieving the confidence necessary to gain control over their condition. Distance follow-up on return home is available via telephone, email or web-based teleconference. All interventions and classes included in the immersion schedule are included in the package.

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Distance Consultation (Click to Expand)

This option is best for clients deciding on an appropriate course of treatment, or who are unable to travel to see us in person. It is also a good option for patients who do not live locally, but have been to our office for an immersion or short-stay intensive treatment option, after their return home. These appointments are scheduled in 15 minute increments (or multiples thereof), and are implemented either via telephone or web-based VOIP connection using a webcam (Skype). Click here to register.

To prepare for your online consultation download skype, connect your webcam and microphone to your computer, and add us (pelvicology) as a skype contact so that we can add you as a contact prior to your scheduled consultation.

In the case of a client who has not seen us in person, it involves problem-solving based on your individual history, as well as guidance in implementing a home program based on the best assessment we can complete without a direct physical examination. It also works well to instruct a significant other or health care provider in appropriate performance of a home treatment program. We welcome you to invite your treating physical therapist to participate in these sessions, so that we may problem-solve together, and so that we may help them to best implement our treatment recommendations. Click here to register.

For clients who have already been to our local office for treatment, this option serves to clarify confusion, advance your home program, or provide support in implementing your home program. It may also serve to limit your amount of travel to see us in person, for example by alternating in-person and distance-consultation sessions. Click here to register.