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Recent Presentations: (Click to expand)

2010 Lectures:

Pathways Women’s Health: “The Bottom Line: Physical Therapy for Continence and Constipation” (part of free community lecture series)
LIJ Medical Center, Multidisciplinary Pelvic Research Group: “Physical Therapy for Pelvic Muscle Dysfunction: Beyond Biofeedback” (for physicians and nurse practitioners involved in pelvic research)

Kommune, Gentofte, DK: “Advanced Clinical Applications of Body Weight Supported Gait Training to the Pediatric Population” (for physical therapists, Mobility Research Europe)

Touro College School of Health Sciences: (Physical Therapy Program)
Lifespan Development II: Gender-Related Issues for physical therapy
Therapeutic Exercise I: Therapeutic Exercise for Pelvic Conditions

New York Institute of Technology (Physical Therapy program):
PT Practice V: Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
PT Practice IV: Therapeutic Taping


Workshops and Study Groups: (Click to expand)

Anatomy Study Group (facilitator) (Jivamukti Yoga, NYC)

Anatomy & Asana (workshop) with Jessica Stickler (Jivamukti Yoga, NYC)


Upcoming Presentations: (Click to expand)

PresentationCombined Sections Meeting (American Physical Therapy Association), Feb 2011, New Orleans, LA

“Multi-Disciplinary Treatment of Chronic Pelvic Pain”
Nechama Karman, PT with Jennifer Fariello, NP and Robert Moldwin, MD




Recommended Classes: (Click to expand)

Workshops by Tamar Samir, including restorative yoga at Jivamukti yoga school, Chaturanga workshop, http://tamarsamiryoga.com/workshopsretreats/